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N.1 posted on 26/06/2017:21.57
Name: Michael Winnick
Origin: Plano, Texas, USA
My wife and I attended LIS for a week from May 22 to May 26 this year. My instructor was Lorenza. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Lorenza was an effective teacher and her interactions with the students were excellent. I liked the way she always wrote on the board what a student may have said or asked about a specific phrase or sentence. It made it easy to understand what was said as well as the rules behind the sentence and word structure. The subjects covered and the method used, the handouts and reading material, were just what I was looking for. I would recommend LIS without doubt for anyone looking to learn to speak Italian. My wife’s instructor was Eva. She took the beginner course that same week. She enjoyed it very much. In fact, even though she could not yet speak Italian she was able to feel comfortable in restaurants ordering her own meals and found that when I was talking to people on our trip that she was able to understand a lot of what was being said. She also felt that the lesson material was easy to understand and helpful in her learning. We would both plan to return for another week the next time we end up in Lucca. Michael Winnick

N.2 posted on 02/06/2017:17.39
Name: Albert Norris
Origin: USA
Lucca Italian School Albert K. Norris March 6, 2017 - May 26, 2017 This would be my first experience learning a new language. My search for an Italian language school was primarily by way of the internet. Since I was familiar with the area, I preferred a school near Florence. I reviewed dozens of language schools in and around Florence. Reading student testimonials was important to me and the more testimonials I read the more I kept coming back to LIS. During my 12 weeks at LIS, I attended classes conducted by Susanna, Lorenza, Eva and Chiara. For me, it is difficult to rate each instructor separately as I found all to be very professional, experienced, well prepared and enthusiastic for each and every class. Learning a new language somewhat late in life and with little previous experience hearing or speaking any language other than English presented real challenges for me. However, the time I spent prior to attending LIS, studying Italian language grammar allowed me to work around my deficiency in speaking and understanding spoken Italian. Susanna and Lorenza were my instructors for 9 of the 12 weeks of my term at LIS and thus can be credited with most of the progress I did make. Confidence building was slow and their patience and constant reinforcement was a welcome aid. All of the instructors were encouraging and supportive, especially around the 5th or 6th week when I felt the most overwhelmed. Although only one week with Eva; I believe it was the most rewarding. Eva never gave up on me, constantly engaging me in conversation, asking questions, wanting to know more about me, as well as, the other students. The question and answer sessions help me build confidence developing phrases and speaking the Italian language, mistakes and all. Chiara continued this approach. The last two weeks with Chiara were the most enjoyable. I felt more comfortable constructing sentences and communicating in Italian. Instruction through example, print material, discussion, situational role-play, class conversation and the use of games to reinforce important points all made the learning process interesting and positive. The small number of students (generally 4-7) and the size of the classrooms makes one feel as though you are learning while surrounded by friends. A grand building in Lucca near the famous 'mura' and in the vicinity of two coffee bars is perfect. The after school activities are something not found in many other language schools. Due to the six hour time difference between Lucca and my home in America, communicating with my family was limited to the afternoon hours and therefore a conflict with many of the after school activities. Regardless of my situation, the staff at LIS offer more cultural education outside of the classroom than any other school I considered in my search. Aside from my personal conflict, I did attend several afterschool activities and rate those experiences as some of the best. Also outside of the classroom, I have to say my experience in 'home stay' was the most rewarding. There are not enough adjectives to explain how pleased I am to say Cristina Sbragia is a special person; an extraordinary cook and host. This lady accepted me into her family without reservation. Her home is perfectly situated near a major port into the city, the train station and the piazza Napoleon. I found a number of great places to enjoy lunch near her home both in-and-outside the 'mura'. In addition, the 30 minute walk from the home to school allowed me time, each morning, to think and prepare for class. With Cristina, every night I was able to experience an Italian home cooked Luccese dinner with one of the best cooks in Lucca. Weather permitting and especially in the warmer afternoons of May, I was able to utilize her garden. It became my favorite place to sit and relax, or to do some afternoon studying. Cristina was always there to fill in the blanks for me. Whether it was school work, life in Italy, shops in Lucca, what to see and do, or just to talk, I could go to Cristina. I would encourage the school to find a way for more students to experience this wonderful lady. The city of Lucca is a living history and wonderful place to experience the real Italian life. If there is anyway I can assist LIS in the future, please feel free to contact me. Grazie di tutto, Albert

N.3 posted on 25/01/2017:15.12
Name: Pamela Orr
Origin: Stroud, UK
Avevo sognato di studiare la lingua italiana nel Italia per molti anni. Non c'era un posto migliore che io avessi mai immaginato. Gli insegnante erano tutti molti cordiale con i studenti. Le classe erano interessante perché gli insegnante potevano variare l’argomento a seconda degli individui che erano là dentro. Le attività e gite erano sempre interessante e non erano mai care. Fare un corso di studi a LIS è un buon modo per incontrarsi con genti da molti paesi diversi. Inoltre, Lucca è una bella città con molti chiese, palazzi e musei, con la cucina italiana bellissima e molti negozi con moda femminile e maschile. Abbiamo lavorato sodo, ma ci siamo anche divertiti ogni giorno. Per favore scusate i mie errori; faccio molti errori quando scrivo in italiano. Devo ritornare a LIS! Pam on the move

N.4 posted on 28/10/2016:1.24
Name: Jennifer Simpson
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
I think that L.I.S. is a very good language school indeed. I have been impressed by many things in no particular order : 1) the school is very well organized. From my first contact with the school I was confident that my questions would be answered and my needs met. 2) The school takes great care in grading students into their appropriate level. This is very important, and I appreciate that. 3) The school appears to care for each student. For example, when I needed a doctor, both Angelo and Daniela were kind and helpful. 4) The excursions are magnificent and really add to the quality of the whole experience. Grazie mille! 5) The teachers are really very good and the materials interesting, varied and well-prepared. Overall I really enjoyed the lessons and learnt a great deal. THANK YOU Angelo and Daniela, and all your staff for a memorable and truly wonderful experience. Jennifer Simpson

N.5 posted on 10/06/2016:15.28
Name: Janet & Don Sankey
Origin: Eaglemont, Australia
Despite having learnt so much in the week at LIS, my Italian isn't good enough to express my deep appreciation for such a wonderful experience. For years I resisted going to a language school even though we regularly visit Italy , I always thought just being in Italy would be enough for my spoken Italian to improve. This week I have seen the benefits of being in a language school. Silvia's lessons were always well prepared and interesting. She was so supportive and encouraging. The extra activities we undertook made us aware of Lucca's rich past and present. You made Don and I feel part of the community and for that we are both grateful. Thank you for the wonderful experience! Janet Sankey........Sono d'accordo con tutto sopra! Don Sankey