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Our school of Italian for foreigners offers a method based on the centrality of the learner and on real communication. To this purpose we apply an integrated approach consisting of all modern language teaching techniques and strategies, useful to pursue the aims of Lucca Italian School, i.e. to meet the real linguistic needs of the students and to be able to personalize the learning process even within a group.

Lucca Italian School considers the language not merely a system of rules, but above all the main tool to communicate, comprehend and express oneself in real contexts, adequately displayed in class through the use of authentic materials and outside through a direct contact with native speakers.

As we are presenting an integrated approach, our method in no way disregards the learning of grammar, syntax, phonology and vocabulary: on the contrary, it is our aim to deepen also these aspects, in order to provide our students with all possible keys to interpret the italian culture while enhancing their communicative competence.

Levels of Education

We offer six different levels of Italian language group courses, applicable to European parameters A1, A2, B1 B2, C1 and C2.

Elementary level (A1)
In this course students learn to interact with the Italians in the basic situations of daily life: introduce themselves, make purchases, request information, order in a restaurant.
Pre-intermediate level (A2)
Students refine their basic knowledge of Italian language and are able to talk about various topics and to tell simple experience.
Intermediate level (B1)
Students review the forms, vocabulary and strategies to narrate. More complex grammatical structures are practised. Students may deal with more difficult communication situations.
Upper Intermediate level (B2)
Students broaden and deepen their knowledge of Italian. They express themselves easily and can talk about more varied content.
Proficiency level (C1)
Students can understand demanding texts, can express ideas fluently, can produce clear and effective output.
Mastery level (C2)
Students can understard virtually everything, can express themselves spontaneously and very fluently, differentiating shades of meaning even in complex situations.

In our classes you will develop: