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Living with an Italian Family

Living with a family in Lucca will give you the opportunity to make a direct experience of Italian daily life and make use of the language to interact with your host.

The school is in contact with families - or single ladies - that are assigned and confirmed to students who ask for a homestay: beside the bedroom, some offer to share their kitchen and with some others you can also have meals together. In most cases the bathroom is shared and seldom there is air conditioning. Being private homes, their characteristics can vary: in our selection the essentials we require are the cleanliness and order of the house and obviously the willingness of the host family to establish a relationship of mutual cultural exchange with the guest.

The homes are located both in the old center and outside the city walls, still always within walking distance from the school.

Alternative Accommodation

Students who require more privacy or standards that only facilities such as hotels, bed & breakfasts or apartments can offer, will obtain on request our suggestions on lodgings near the school, which already have been used by former students with satisfaction.

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