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N.1 posted on 08/03/2021:11.46
The online Italian lessons have been a lifesaver to me during the lockdown in 2020 and now also in 2021. It’s wonderful to meet my friends from all over the world twice a week in Susanna’s online classroom. Of course we learn a lot about the Italian language. We read interesting texts about Italy, it’s culture and nature and its food. We even give small presentations to each other in Italian or write short stories - very educational. I love to listen to my classmates while they tell us about Italy, their own experiences, their country and life. Very engaging and interesting, it certainly has broadened my outlook. Susanna inspires us all with her ideas and she also corrects our mistakes. So thank you, Susanna and thank you, wonderful people at LIS, for making these online lessons possible. And thank you, my inspiring classmates, it’s wonderful we can meet each week and I’ve learnt so much from you all. With love from Jet Sebus.

N.2 posted on 18/08/2020:10.57
Name: Rodrigo Moraga
Origin: California, Usa
Cara Daniela, Ho appena finito la mia ultima lezione online con Agnese. Grazie per tutte le meravigliose lezioni di questa scuola. Ho imparato molto con Agnese. Lei è una insegnante divertente, intelligente e competente. “In Giro per l'Italia con le Canzoni” era particolarmente interessante e istruttiva. Consiglio sempre a tutti i miei amici e colleghi qui in California che studiare alla Lucca Italian School è stata la migliore esperienza che ho avuto durante tutti i miei viaggi in Europa. Dopo che la pandemia sará finita, ho intenzione di prendere piú lezioni nella tua scuola, ma questa volta, sul sito di nuovo. Arrivederci, Rodrigo

N.3 posted on 02/06/2020:0.20
Name: Eva Fritsche
Origin: Wuppertal, Germania
Der Online-Unterricht holt für mich ein Stück Italien nach Hause. In meiner Gruppe treffen sich Sprachschüler aus unterschiedlichen Ländern: Wir haben zwar unterschiedliche Heimaten, aber uns verbindet die Liebe zu Italien und der italienischen Sprache. Im Online-Sprachkurs können wir uns ungezwungen auf Italienisch austauschen. Wir lachen über unsere Fehler und helfen uns gegenseitig. Das Lernerlebnis ist sehr intensiv und ich traue mich mit jeder Lektion mehr zu sprechen.

N.4 posted on 21/04/2020:13.03
Name: Neil Moore
Origin: Uk
I enjoyed the class last night, it was exactly at the level appropriate to me and this the case for the other students also. Agnese is a wonderfully engaging and inclusive teacher and this came through, even with the challenges of an online class. With it being the first lesson I think everyone was getting used to the format and each other but I can definitely see how we can progress and have fun in this “Brave New World”! From a technical standpoint, the connection was solid with both audio and video perfect throughout the class.

N.5 posted on 13/04/2020:21.56
Name: MaryAnn Hemphill
Origin: Usa
Buongiorno, Ho fatto una lezione online questa mattina con Eva. Era eccellente e estremamente ben organizzato! Anche, piu importante, era così bello vedere Eva. Adesso, la trascrizione della classe e già arrivata. Grazie, e ciao a tutti, Mary Ann