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N.1 posted on 17/07/2019:13.39
Name: Barbara Paton
Origin: UK
Cari insegnanti, Ancora una volta GRAZIE a voi tutti per aver fatto la mia permanenza a LUCCA un grande piacere e successo in tutti i settori, la storia di LUCCA, la gente di LUCCA, la cultura del paese, Giacomo Puccini e soprattutto la lingua italiana che unisce tutto. Ho imparato tanto e il mio cervello e molto contento. Grazie. Saluti a tutti Barbara Paton

N.2 posted on 28/06/2019:16.31
Name: Katy Graham
Origin: California, Usa
Dear Daniela, your school is just marvelous. I am so impressed. We have learned so much and the program is wonderful. Thank you for helping us in many ways, even printing boarding passes & forms and especially placing us so thoughtfully. The school has been like our family here. We will se you next July and if you come to California please stay with us a few days! Katy

N.3 posted on 27/05/2019:13.47
Name: Mark Bissett
Origin: London, Uk
Thank you again for organising a memorable and happy week. I would rate my teacher Eva highly. With a pleasant and patient character she spoke clearly and slowly, never interrupting and not saying 'no' or 'wrong', instead suggesting a (correct) alternative to our efforts. A fine teacher indeed. I would like to return to Lucca in June of next year for the study trip. Ciao, Mark.

N.4 posted on 17/03/2019:0.41
Name: Joan Paker
Origin: Uk
From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you can be sure of a warm welcome at the school. Staff and students always had a friendly greeting. A big thank you to Susanna for the week I spent in her advanced class. The material she chose was perfect for her students’ requirements and her magical ear meant she picked up on our mistakes even at a distance! Cooking with Eva was an absolute joy and I have the waistline to prove it. She and Angelo also looked after us extremely well on the trips out. So, 5 stars from me. I can’t recommend this school highly enough

N.5 posted on 17/03/2019:0.34
Name: Etsuko Jimbo
Origin: Giappone
Everyone in the school is so helpful and friendly. I am currently studying here, they are giving me a great guidance to enjoy learning Italian. I respect my teacher but it is more like a human to human relationship; I feel very comfortable to ask any questions because they answer me with sincerely attitude all the time until I understand. Also their activities are very interesting and attractive, people can learn not only Italian but culture, history, cooking, locals...and more! If you are here in Lucca, I definitely recommend this school for you to start Italian life!