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N.1 posted on 31/01/2020:12.16
Name: Sandra Crestani
Origin: Australia
The week I spent at LIS was different to any other Italian school I’ve attended. The curriculum was relevant, the discussions were meaningful & what I learnt was all about today’s world & living. The learning had nothing to do with text books, grammar or rules!! It was learning within context and practising that learning within context. The school environment, the teachers and the time spent there was a fantastic experience of real learning. Highly recommend LIS.

N.2 posted on 31/01/2020:12.15
Name: Espe Biescas Sabater
Origin: Minorca, Isole Baleari
Sin duda recomiendo la escuela a todo el mundo, tanto por su ubicación como por la profesionalidad y amabilidad de los profesores y responsables del centro. Las actividades extras que se hacen por la tarde son muy interesantes y te acercan a la cultura , gastronomía, historia y lugares preciosos de La Toscana. Muchas gracias a todos por esta experiencia tan grata, en especial a mi profesora Chiara. Si quieren aprender Italiano en Lucca está escuela es la mejor.

N.3 posted on 31/10/2019:17.02
Name: Sue Reynolds
Origin: Rugby, Uk
Dear Angelo, Eva, Valeria and all the wonderful staff at LIS, A big thank you to you all for such a wonderful week at LIS earlier this month. Here is a testimonial which I am happy for you to use to spread the word about LIS as a great place to learn Italian whilst having fun at the same time................ Inspired after my attendance at LIS last year, I returned earlier this month for my second visit. Eva, my tutor from last year, not only recognised me (remarkable considering how many hundreds of students she must see every year) but also gave me such a warm welcome with a proper Italian hug! Having assessed my Italian in our chat, she placed me at the perfect level in a class where I felt comfortable. At no point did I feel out of my depth. I am aware than many students return each year but nonetheless during the week I was thrilled to bump into 3 classmates from last year so it was quite a reunion. LIS has such a friendly and inclusive atmosphere and culture. Thanks to Valeria, my tutor this year, the course was great fun as well as considerably improving my Italian language skills. Valeria is a brilliant tutor and I fully endorse the remarks by Lisa, who wrote the previous testimonial, as we were in the same class and shared the same experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s company as well that of all my other classmates who were a lovely mix of ages and nationalities but all with a keen sense of humour. There is no doubt that laughing is so conducive to learning and relaxing. It was such a supportive group of people who went out of their way to help each other. I hope to do it all again next year! Sue Reynolds

N.4 posted on 15/10/2019:11.31
Name: Lisa Barnett
Origin: Glasgow, Scozia
Ciao Angelo Ero troppo stanca per scrivere un commento completo Venerdì passato ma ora lo faccio - in inglese, because I have a better command of that! I thoroughly enjoyed my week. It was stimulating and exciting and great fun to meet others from different parts of the world. I loved Valeria's multi-sensory teaching methods juggling our abilities as necessary. She's so well-informed and a warm, fun person. What was particularly wonderful was that she barely corrected our oral mistakes; just encouraged us to speak. Cooking with Eva and Chiara - un paradiso del cibo - but also a great way to learn language through activity. Both girls are skilled teachers, gracious and great fun. Everything was meticulously planned and prepared for us; we didn't even have to do the dishes! I have come home full of enthusiasm to cook for my friends and family. I'm happy for you to use my comments on the website if you want. I am singing your praises to everyone here in Glasgow. Kind regards Lisa

N.5 posted on 17/07/2019:13.39
Name: Barbara Paton
Origin: UK
Cari insegnanti, Ancora una volta GRAZIE a voi tutti per aver fatto la mia permanenza a LUCCA un grande piacere e successo in tutti i settori, la storia di LUCCA, la gente di LUCCA, la cultura del paese, Giacomo Puccini e soprattutto la lingua italiana che unisce tutto. Ho imparato tanto e il mio cervello e molto contento. Grazie. Saluti a tutti Barbara Paton