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A course in Italian language in class and outside in the nature: a perfect program to practise Italian in the open air while discovering little known places and aspects of the Italian culture.

The walkings are intended as itinerant language lessons with an Italian language teacher and reserved to Italian language students of LIS.

Course duration: one week.

2022 starting dates: 28 MARCH, 11 APRIL, 9 MAY (sold out), 6 JUNE, 12 SEPTEMBER, 3 OCTOBER.

Linguistic level: participation is possible for students with a knowledge of Italian at least of intermediate level.

Minimum number of participants: 2

Program: Saturday or Sunday: arrival at the chosen accommodation. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: Italian language lesson in small groups of maximum 10 students and same level of knowledge from 9.15 am to 1 pm, at school. -- An example of after class activities** -- Monday afternoon: talking about Lucca while walking on its city walls or along the river banks. Tuesday afternoon: a walking tour in Garfagnana, or in the Lima Valley, or on the Apuan Alps, the mountain areas situated to the north of Lucca, while talking on the aspects of the region. Wednesday: whole day trip to the coastal area, for example to Cinque Terre or on the Piombino promontory, or into the Park of Migliarino San Rossore, walking and talking in Italian along the way.
Lunch at one's own leisure. Return to Lucca at about 6 pm.
Thursday afternoon: A walk in the countryside surrounding Lucca. Final dinner together at a local typical restaurant. Friday afternoon: Leisure time. Saturday or Sunday: departure

Price of the course 570€, including Italian language classes, transport expenses, and the dinner on Thursday evening.

** The open-air lessons proposed are suitable for students who like to walk in the nature. The duration of the walkings is variable, usually about 3 hours and the paths can have some stretches up- and downhill.
A healthy condition is required. It is mandatory to wear hiking shoes with carved soles (absolutely no smooth soles). Without this type of shoes, for your safety it won't be possible to participate in some of the walks.
We advise to wear comfortable layered clothing, and to bring a waterproof jacket. In case of hard rain or any type of weather alert (e.g. strong winds) the activities will be substituted/postponed or refunded.

The schedule of activities can be modified for organisational reasons. The definitive program for the week will be decided according to the weather conditions and the season temperatures, and will be presented to the participants on Monday morning.


Walking at Cinque TerreWalking on Mount MatannaBefore the walk on the banks of river SerchiorCinque Terre Trails