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A course for those who want to practise Italian in an original way, through a combination of language class in the morning with afternoon activities in the green to start learning, improve or revise their drawing technique.

Duration: 1 week.

Starting dates in 2024: 18 March, 29 April, 30 September.

Language level: for all except absolute beginners (starting from scratch).

Artistic level: open to everyone.
Drawing lessons are thought as a series of playful exercises, suitable for any person, from the absolute beginner to the expert. As a subject we will explore the enormous variety of natural forms, and in particular of plants, such as trees and flowers, combining naturalistic observation and drawing. Rather than producing masterpieces, our aim is to learn how to observe more attentively what is around us and and experiment the possibilities to express our emotions and feelings through line and color.

That means we are not interested in realism as a result (therefore we deliberately do not bring up subjects like western perspective or anatomy); conversely, we are interested in following the path of external observation and expression of self, in order to develop a personal vision.

The drawing teacher is a teacher of Italian, who is also a skilled illustrator, and environmental guide. She will be able to communicate with the students appropriately in both the linguistic and artistic domains, and to share with them her passion for the world of plants.

paper: a block of fine drawing paper produced in Italy will be provided by the school.
colors: Participants who already practise drawing can bring their own materials, with which they are used to work. The school also provides color pencils and charcoal for everyone, it is therefore not necessary to buy anything specifically for the course.

The course is itinerant, we go around drawing. It is therefore recommended not to bring bulky or cumbersome materials or something involving a complex preparation.
Oil, acrylic and tempera colors are not admitted (it is a course of drawing, not painting). Pencils, crayons and chalks of all kinds, ink pens and markers, watercolors are fine.
Whenever possible we sit on benches or other similar places, but it is also advisable to bring a small blanket, preferably waterproof, or something similar to possibly sit on the ground. Please also provide comfortable walking shoes and something waterproof against rain.
Also turn on your disposition to get playfully involved and have fun!

Minimum number of participants: 2

An example of Week schedule: Monday to Friday: in the morning, 9.15 am to 1 pm, Italian language lesson in small groups of your same level of knowledge. Monday afternoon: Drawing lesson at school.
We meet at school to get to know each other and begin our observation journey, using the trees in the garden as the subject.
Tuesday afternoon: Let's explore and draw the Lucca countryside.
Today we explore the countryside on foot just outside the walls, to observe the plants in their natural environment, outside the gardens.
Wednesday afternoon: Excursion to the Botanical Garden of Pisa.
Trip by train. We visit one of the oldest university botanical gardens in the world and its museum. Here we let ourselves be inspired by its collections to create our own.
Thursday afternoon: Let's explore and draw Lucca.
After lunch we wander around Lucca in search of urban vegetation, spontaneous or otherwise, between more or less secret gardens and public parks.
Friday afternoon: at one’s own leisure. On Saturday: possibility of an optional full day trip to Florence.
Minimum 3 participants. Cost 100€. Trip by train.
Also in Florence we go to look for enchanting little-known green places, a stone's throw from the major tourist attractions. Our destinations are the Oltrarno and its gardens, with their spectacular views over the city, and the ancient Giardino dei Semplici. If the weather is favorable, a packed lunch can be eaten in a garden (you can also buy it in Florence).
Return to Lucca in the evening.

Course price: 605€, including the language lessons, the drawing lessons, a tour of the city, a tour in the country, the excursion to Pisa with the admittance into the botanical garden, the lunch with the teacher, transportation for every trip, the drawing materials.
It does not include the optional Saturday tour.

Note: The sequence of the program may vary due to weather conditions. We will try to organise the outings to draw even in bad weather, looking for shelter under loggias or the like where possible. But please have available something waterproof.


Drawing group in the school gardenstudent drawing in the park of Villa Bottinidrawing of a tree and colors drawing of a tree trunkstudents drawing in the gardennotebook with drawings and colorsstudent who draws at the botanical garden of Lucca Drawing lesson in the school garden